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October 18th, 2005

08:48 pm: as far as i care, i am dead to the outside world, and that makes me happy.

September 29th, 2005

09:47 pm: anybody care
does anyone still care about this LJ? just a question?

September 21st, 2005

01:33 pm: hmmm. pissed off, and cant really say why. oh well tyzza knows and thats that

September 15th, 2005

09:37 pm: Potential: Having possibility, capability, or power


That is all.

September 3rd, 2005

11:34 pm: pain pain pain, i like pain, and right now, i am holding back (physically and mentally), although, i could really use pain, and the pills aren't helping, knock me out though, makes me think that I am not here, although i am, i just wanta be home, i need that right now, more then anything.

oh well, wish full think ing right

pain and love, and hope, and joy, soon thats all i can say is soon.


August 23rd, 2005

05:33 pm: Weirdness
Read this only if you were serious on the phoneCollapse )
All right this is kind of awkward. But you know, much easier than saying anything out loud.

X-Posted to my journal as well cause you are a pain.

August 2nd, 2005

03:54 pm: so yeah.
this has now become a personal journal, with the ocassional friend enrty listed. i need someplace to write, and this works, and it keeps the name, so I can respond to people with this name, and no one knows who I am.


June 27th, 2005

07:52 pm: so hello there, are you excited that I am coming home? You're not gonna back out on me are you, cuz I am looking forward to hanging out with you. I truely am. I am looking forward to being around my friend, who I could tell anything to.

How are you and that guy doing? Sorry I forgot his name, might be eric. You say you aren't ready but I think that you might be, give it a try, just not completely serious, dont move in-him move in any time soon. Learn from the past.

It's gonna be strange, cuz right now, I dont know what its gonna be like hanging out with you, cuz I see you as a friend, who I had feelings towards, but now its just as a friend, but I think that it might be cause i have trained myself to feel that way. I have been confused about that lately, part of the reason I haven't writen

I dont know what to think, all I know is that I want to have fun when I get home, and that I want to spend time with you, and catch up. It has been a long strange 7 months, since I last say you. I don't know whats its gonna be like.

Well I will talk to you soon,

miss you so much chickee


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